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MOT Testing

MOT testing is an important process to assess that all vehicles driving on our roads are doing so safely. We perform a professional and efficient MOT testing service, allowing us to give the best customer service to our clients.

What the MOT test includes

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Body or Vehicle Structure:

The car body will be checked for excessive corrosion and rust, as well as any damage undertaken on vital parts of the cars body work. This will include; any sharp edges to the chassis that may cause injury to others, any inappropriate or illegal modifications, and the general function of the speedometer and the support the engine mounts are providing.

Fuel System:

Generally making sure there are no leaks or wear on the pipes and hoses, the fuel cap is working correctly and closes securely.

Exhaust Emissions:

This is a simple test to be sure the exhaust emissions are not of harmful proportions.

Seat Belts: 

A check to see all the seat belts work correctly and will react in the way they should in the event of a crash. The drivers seat is also checked to see if it can be adjusted and all seats can be moved to the upright position.


This is a check to make sure all the doors open and close from both inside and outside the car. The hinges and catches are checked to be sure they all close securely.


This is a check to be sure they meet the minimum number required and meet the required condition to function correctly.

Load Security: 

Check to be sure the boot can close correctly and catches securely.

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A check of the condition and make sure no inappropriate repairs or modifications have been made. An efficiency test to be sure the brakes are working to the required level in the event of an emergency. ABS is are working correctly where fitted. A check of the parking brake and the braking fluid is up to standard.

Tyres and Wheels:

Check of the condition of the tyres to be sure they are road legal (including tread depth).
*Spare tyres are not inspected.

Registration Plate:

Check of the condition, colour and the formatting of the characters.


Check of the condition and operation all lights, headlight aim and the main beam warning light.

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The latch is secure in the closed position.

Wipers and Washers: 

Checked to be sure they can give the driver a clear view ahead.


Checked to be sure the driver's view of the road is clear.


Checked that the horn is of right type and operates correctly

Steering and Suspension: 

Check the condition, steering oil level and is operating correctly. Check of inappropriate steering modifications or repairs. Check of the steering pipes and hoses. Check of the steering lock mechanism.

The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):

A check to see if this is present on vehicles first used after 1st August 1980.